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A Townie Now - Children's Picture Book

Edith Maude considers herself a Bayman*. That is, until her parents tell her they are moving to town. Leaving behind the ocean, the gulls, her cousins, and her Nan’s homemade bread, she finds herself in a lonely apartment near a concrete playground. With the help of her new friend Alice, she explores what it means to be a townie now, and how she can play, be happy, and find home wherever she is.

This book is set in the bay and town, in Newfoundland, Canada. It is well-suited to children 0-8 years old, or adults with playful hearts who have grappled with being Baymen, Townies, or something in between.

* In Newfoundland, the term "bayman" refers to someone from the bay, outport Newfoundland (i.e. outside the St. John's area), while "townie" refers to those from the capital city — commonly known as "town."

  • Hard Copy, Limited Edition, signed by author.
  • A Townie Now is currently available for bulk ordering - please email for more information.
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