About Marnie Power

M.Ed [in completion], B.S.W.

Marnie Power is renowned for her work in outdoor, play-based learning. She’s a committed speaker and thought leader who founded and led several ground-breaking organizations in recent years:

  • In 2008, she opened the first Forest School in Canada, Carp Ridge Forest Preschool.
  • She also created The Ottawa Forest and Nature School, now a program of Andrew Fleck Children’s Services.
  • Most recently, she established Forest School Canada, a professional learning initiative that supports educators and early childhood educators. It’s currently led by the Child and Nature Alliance.

Marnie has also served in senior leadership roles, including as Executive Director of the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada, and as a former steering committee member of Outdoor Play Canada. In 2020, she received the inaugural Child and Nature Fellowship — a paid, two-year position hosted by Community Knowledge Exchange (CKx).